Alloy product series

Alloy tips for Circular Saw

名称:Alloy product series
型号:Alloy tips for Circular Saw

We produce different kinds of carbide tips for circular saw, they can be used in different fields. 

We have following sizes: 
8.5xWx2.5mm, L=8.5mm, T=2.5mm, W=2.8-6.0mm 
10.5xWx2.5mm, L=10.5, T=2.5mm, W=3.5-7.5mm 
10.5xWx3.0mm, L=10.5, T=3.0mm, W=3.5-7.5mm 
10.5xWx3.5mm, L=10.5, T=3.5mm, W=3.5-8.5mm 
We can also produce to your drawings.

Pls feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

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