First, the conditions for joining:

1, to fully understand the importance of branding, and firmly believe that we are co-created "Chang Heng Tools" brand, rather than simply selling our products.

2, high school education, good health and hard-working.

3, full dedication.

4, with a strong management and communication skills.

5, to accept the headquarters philosophy and service standards.

6, is willing to participate in the training.

7, willing to accept the management and supervision of headquarters.

8, engaged in the industry for more than a year, has a good reputation of the industry, has a wealth of professional knowledge and skills.

9, with 5-10 million investment capacity.

10, the headquarters for the cause of league body, only vertical business relationship with the franchise, the franchisee of any civil and criminal liability, its sole headquarters assumes joint and several liability.

Second, joining rights:

1, in time to enjoy the right to sell the headquarters of the latest products.

2, the company's flagship products enjoy preferential policies.

3, enjoy the company of systematic training support.

4, enjoy the national unified distribution prices.

5, enjoy the company product advertising support.

6, enjoy the company's products and services support.

Third, joining obligations:

1, signed a contract to join and comply with << >>.

2, to pay a certain amount of deposit.

3, only allowed to operate the company's products, product sales may not engage in second enterprise.

4, in the sale of life do not do damage corporate image behavior.

5, no payment default.

6, in the area of ​​sales contracts, not changing products, not malice low prices

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