Sawtooth angle selection

Time:2018-07-22 12:00:00

Angle parameter sawtooth portion is more complex, but also the most professional, and the correct choice of the angle of the blade is the key parameter determines cutting quality. The main argument is rake angle, back angle, wedge angle.
The main impact of the rake angle sawing wood consumed power. Serrated cutting rake angle greater sharpness better, cutting more portable, more effort pusher. Usually relatively soft material to be processed, the selected large rake angle, otherwise choose a smaller rake angle.
Is jagged sawtooth angle position when cutting. Sawtooth angle affects the performance effects of cutting. The greatest impact is on the cutting rake angle γ, after angle α, wedge angle β. Rake angle γ is serrated cutting edge angle, rake angle greater cutting the light, rake angle generally between 10-15 ℃. After the horn is sawtooth surface and the angle between the machined, and its role is to prevent the serrations machined surface friction, the greater the friction angle after the smaller, more smooth processing of products. Carbide saw blade angle after the general value of 15 ℃. The wedge angle is derived from the anterior horn and posterior horn out. But the wedge angle can not be too small, it plays a role in keeping the teeth, according to strength, heat resistance, durability of. Rake angle γ, after angle α, wedge angle β three equals 90 ℃

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